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Collapse Telescopic Skimmer Pond Net

  • Telescopic Pole & Head Extended is 73 inches (about 7 feet 2 inches)
  • Head is 35cm – 14 inches, Has fine 2mm skimmer Soft Fish Safe mesh
  • Collapsible for Easy Storage
  • Ideal for Skimming Debris & Leaves
  • Blue Color
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
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Collapse Type Telescopic Pond Skimmer Net, length of pole when folded: 98cm (39″) Length of net part: 35cm (14″) Length of pole when extended: 184cm (73″, around six and a half feet) Complete length when extended: 219cm (86″ around seven feet and two inches).

Collapse Type Telescopic Pond Skimmer Net is perfect for maintenance around the pond. The extendable aluminum handle on this pond maintenance hand net combined with the triangle-shaped net allows flexibility when trying to reach tough corners. Collapsible head for very easy storage. Fine mesh skimmer pond net for cleaning is great for collecting debris. The fish net glides fast through the water and has a deeper net for trapping fish.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 10 × 3 in



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