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Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce 500 Foam Filter

  • Foam Filter suitable for Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce 500 Filter (2002 models and later)
  • Works perfectly in your Hozelock Bioforce Pond Filter
  • Two Foams Included
  • Open Cell Format, each Filter Foam is 7.5 Inch Round by 2 Inch Thick, with a 2.5 Inch Center Hole
  • Made In UK 
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Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce 500 foam filter.  Replacement Bioforce foam filter media suitable for Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce 500 Pond Filter (2002 models and later).

Help to keep your pond filter system running efficiently and effectively with new Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce 500 foam filter.

Please note: these Bioforce foam are a generic brand. They work perfectly in your Bioforce Pond filter while saving you money.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 40 in



For almost 60 years, Hozelock has specialized in finding and meeting the needs of water garden pond owners and gardeners with top quality products. Combining knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship to develop a comprehensive range of watering, spraying, plant protection & pond solutions to help gardens to flourish & come to life.
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