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Pond Plant Care

For the water gardener that has plants we are stockists of all the items to help maintain aquatic pond plant care. Pond plants help maintain good water quality, add shade for the fish, and create a natural looking water garden, by positioning plants in strategic locations.

We import from Europe floating aquatic pond plant baskets. Floating pond baskets add color and life into your pond. Most can be tethered to each other to create pond islands.

United Aquatics stocks a full range of mesh & plastic baskets of all sizes. Mesh and plastic baskets are added to the pond for the nutrients that are filtered thru the basket also blocking the rocks, gravel and soil from leaking into the water.

Pond forceps for moving and grabbing items. Pond scissors for pruning plants. All necessary tools required to help keep your pond tidy and cared for.

In areas that have freezing temperatures many people choose the fall and autumn to perform plant maintenance. In areas with warmer summer weather plants have a tendency to grow very fast. Proper Pond plant care throughout the year is essential.

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