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pond net

Pond Net in all types of material, sizing and colors. Netting stops leaves falling into the pond and prevents unwanted pond visitors like herons from visiting. Keeping your fish safe from predators.

A pond net is used to keep leaves out of the water.  The primary reason for keeping the leaves, debris and pine needles out of the pond is that as they begin to decompose they release toxins that impact the fish and aquatic life of your pond.

Pond H2o has several options when choosing your netting. Select netting size thats length and width is bigger than your pond.  The next choice is going to be selecting the mesh size in the netting.  Determining mesh size depends on what you are trying to keep out.  When using the netting to keep unwanted predators from entering, the mesh spacing can be larger.  For leaf, pine tree needles and other debris, you will want to look for netting that has less spacing.

Once the mesh size has been selected and the overall netting size determined, it becomes time to install the netting over the pond.  The simplest and most common installation method is to just stretch the netting across the pond and secure with the provided stakes.

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