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Velda Heron Stop Deterrent

Protects the pond by acting as a barrier to predators approaching. Comes complete with stakes and line. Also the bells included act as a noise deterrent. Easily installed around the pond and requires no electricity.

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The Velda Heron Stop is great for ponds away from services and very easy to install around your pond. Heron usually land beside your pond. As this blue heron deterrent is installed around your pond the heron will not be able to get to your protected fish and so will move on!

The Velda Heron stop (Blue Heron deterrent) comes wit a 25 metre length of nylon line, 8 plastic stakes (60cm high) and 8 small bells to help scare pond heron away if they do try to access your pond.

Full instructions are included and installation is a simple process. Simply place the stakes around 30cm from the edge of the pond and thread the nylon line through the the stakes.

One pack should provide protection for a pond up to 12 metres in circumference.

This Blue Heron deterrent can also be effective at keeping cats and other predators away from your pond fish.

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Weight 2.38 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 in
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