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Zenith Pond System

The Zenith Pond System is a fantastic new product created to hold both aquatic plants and fountain pumps. It provides the perfect plant container for water lilies. The floating Pond system provides the best method for establishing these plants as ideally water lilies should be placed 2-3 feet below the ponds surface. For best results the water lilies should be lowered to this depth gradually, as they grow. The floating pond system allows you to to do this from the side of your pond.

Line your Zenith Pond System with hessian and plant your water lily into the container. Cover with grit and position the lily in a sunny part of your pond. Fix in place using the anchor kit. Using the pulley system set your water lily to a depth of around 1 foot and attach the pulley cord to the side of the pond with the provided pegs.

As the lilies grow you can gradually lower the floating pond system the the required depth simply by pulling the cord – no need to get wet!

An easy way to perfect water lilies!

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